About - AJ Buruca Photography/Mormon Temple Photography

A.J. Buruca recently graduated from Brigham Young University Idaho where he majored in Communication with an emphasis in Broadcast Journalism and a minor in Photography.

Beginning at a young age, he has always enjoyed photography, always taking photos on family vacations. It wasn't until his conversion to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints where he developed an interest in temples. The temples of the faith are beautiful majestic buildings that show the faith's faith in their Savior Jesus Christ. For that reason, Buruca photographs these sacred buildings to show the world how wonderful they are and how Holy they are.  A.J. also has interests in photographing landscapes, cityscapes and wildlife. 

A.J. has also had his images of the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Temple used for the Cultural Celebration held the night before its formal dedication. 

A.J.  has images published in two books

It is Better to Look Up : Life Experiences Shared From the Pulpit (2014) (Cover image, two interior images)

A Book of Mormons : Latter-day Saints on a Modern Day Zion (2015). (Cover Image)

Featured photos in books

AJ Buruca Bio (2012)

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